$1.5 million funeral creates sensation among Chinese netizens

$1.5 million funeral creates buzz among Chinese netizens - Photo 1

The funeral has Maotai, crab, bird’s nest…

Taken from Weibo

According to reports, a family in Yulin, Shaanxi, had just held a super grand funeral, including a fireworks ceremony, cheering with Moutai, Chinese perfume (the kind of tobacco used by China’s late leaders).Mao Zedong liked) to the newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) May 13.

However, a villager who did not want to be named said the funeral was well arranged but not as expensive as rumored.

Villagers added that the deceased’s son was the owner of a farmers’ market in the provincial capital Shaanxi. That’s why a family can have such a lavish funeral.

When a video of the funeral and funeral was posted online, many netizens hoped to be invited, while others criticized the dead for being too wasteful.

One person commented: “As long as they earn it legally, they can spend whatever they want.”

Another asked: “When the rich are willing to spend and benefit the economy, why not?

Others, however, think it’s time to get rid of these expensive funerals.

In 2017, the Doolin government officially issued a regulation to prevent lavish weddings and funerals. However, the custom of holding solemn funerals does not appear to have changed.