3 common habits are the “dead spots” that lead to water heater leakage and explosion

The water heater is an essential and extremely convenient device for every family, especially in the cold winter. The water heater seems to be a very safe device, but if it is used improperly, it will cause unpredictable consequences. The following are 3 habits that are common in many Vietnamese families, leading to more and more explosions of cold and water heaters, which are harmful to human life:

1. Turn on the hot water tank all day

The habit of running the hot and cold water heater all day will not only make the sensor inaccurate and reduce the service life of the water bottle, but also cause electric leakage, endangering the lives of family members. However, this habit is common to many people and has led to many unfortunate cases.

The reason is that when the water heater runs continuously 24/24 hours, it wears down the insulation of the maceo wire, causing the blackout system to work worse. At that time, the plum cable of the water heater will be connected to the external environment, and it will easily leak electricity, which will easily lead to electric leakage, electric shock, fire and explosion, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of your family, do not turn on the water heater all day. Instead, simply plug in the water heater 30-45 minutes before use, and turn it off when showering and when not in use.

2. Do not turn off the water heater when taking a bath

Disconnecting the water heater when showering is the first and very important safety rule every household needs to keep in mind when using a kettle. Because just like the above reasons, not turning off the cold water heater while taking a bath is also the main cause of electrocution in the bath.

At present, most water heaters are designed with automatic power-off relays, so many people subjectively think that they are safe even if they are powered on. However, water leakage still happens, especially when the water heater has been used for a period of time, and the internal parts and details are no longer as effective as new. Therefore, in order to ensure absolute safety, please only take a shower when the circuit breaker or switch of the water heater has been cut off.

3. Not paying attention to the source of water

Not only the power supply, but also the water source is one of the important factors that determine the durability and safety of the water heater. So, the source of water your family uses can affect the durability of the magnesium rod — the magnesium rod helps prevent acid from corroding the walls of the bottle and prevents oxidation deposits. Dirty, polluted water can easily wear down magnesium rods. Dirtier water has a higher conductivity than clean water, which reduces the integrity of the tank and increases the risk of electric shock.

Therefore, families should pay attention to water sources and choose clean water sources to protect the hot and cold water tanks and protect the lives of the whole family.

How to use the cold water heater safely in the family

During use, water heaters sometimes encounter problems that we don’t notice, and these problems can be dangerous for the home. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of using this electrical equipment, people should pay attention to the following two points:

1. Regular maintenance, maintenance and inspection of water heaters

Over time, the quality of the water heater will deteriorate and it will no longer be as effective as when it was new. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are extremely necessary to prolong the service life of the water heater and ensure the safety of the family when using it. On the contrary, if there is no regular monitoring and timely maintenance, there will be hidden dangers when the water heater is used, and the risk of fire, explosion and electric leakage is very high. To ensure that the components are working properly, you should have a technician inspect and maintain them at least every 3 months.

2. Install more anti-shock and explosion-proof systems

The explosion of the hot and cold water heater caused unpredictable consequences to the users. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to install an anti-shock and explosion-proof system to ensure the safety of your family. At present, there are many models of machines on the market that are anti-scald, anti-shock, and have a good warranty, which makes users feel more secure when using them. In case of electric leakage or electric shock, the system will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure the safety of family members.

In addition, when purchasing a water heater, you should choose a high-end, well-known brand water heater, which is safer and more secure to use.