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7 surprising side effects of black coffee

Drinking black coffee has surprising side effects that you may not have thought of until now.

“In addition to helping you get up every morning, black coffee has many health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes,” says Lisa Andrews, registered dietitian and owner of Sound Bites Nutrition in the US. type 2, cancer, liver disease and heart disease,” according to the American Health website Eat this, not that!

1. May Help Your Gut

7 surprising side effects of black coffee

Coffee may help keep your digestive tract healthy by creating a healthy gut microbiome


For those with digestive issues, black coffee may be your next lifesaver.

“Coffee can help keep your digestive tract healthy by creating a healthy gut microbiome,” says nutritionist Andrews.

You’re probably used to the feeling of flushing the toilet for a black coffee, in part because it keeps things running.

According to Zoe, certain compounds in coffee help stimulate the production of stomach acid, which aids the movement of food through the intestines and keeps you on track.

2. May Help Prevent Certain Diseases

As mentioned above, black coffee can effectively reduce the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver disease and heart disease.

Nutritionist Andrews said: “Coffee provides many bioactive substances such as phenolic compounds (caffeicol and kahweol), alkaloids (caffeine and trigonelline), diterpenes and other compounds that may help prevent disease. Metabolites”.

A study by The Wall Street Journal AHA Cycle: Heart Failure Analyzed the Framingham Heart Study, which found that black coffee drinkers had a 5% to 12% lower risk of heart failure over time for every cup of coffee they drank per day, compared to non-drinkers .

3. May Support Mental Health

7 surprising side effects of black coffee

Black coffee may not be the best idea for anxious people, as caffeine can make you feel more jittery and anxious.


For those who are anxious, black coffee may not be the best idea because the caffeine can make you feel more jittery and anxious.

However, for other mental health issues and cognitive decline, this warm drink may help.

A study in the journal molecular psychology showed that regular coffee consumption “improves concentration and improves motor control and alertness by inducing brain changes”,

Nutritionist Andrews demonstrates the potential neurological benefits of drinking black coffee: “It has been found to reduce the risk of dementia, depression and suicide.”

This doesn’t mean drinking coffee will completely eliminate depressive symptoms, but it may be another coping mechanism to add to a patient’s toolbox..

4. Drinking too much can increase the risk of insomnia

Dietitian Andrews says drinking too much coffee can increase the risk of insomnia.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause symptoms of insomnia or worsen pre-existing insomnia, according to the Sleep Foundation.

Dietitian Dr Andrews added: “Caffeine consumption to keep you awake at night can lead to insomnia, anxiety, frequent nighttime awakenings and a decrease in overall sleep quality.” Eat this, not that!

It’s best to drink a cup of coffee in the morning so that the caffeine has more time to dissipate before you go to bed.

5. May worsen acid reflux

7 surprising side effects of black coffee

enjoy black coffee


Acid reflux occurs when stomach contents return to the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the throat and/or chest.

According to Andrea Dunn, a registered dietitian, “Drinking caffeinated coffee increases the amount of acid already in the stomach, making it more likely to develop acid reflux and heartburn.”

6. Can create good results before training

Breanna Woods, a registered dietitian with Blogilates in the US, thinks coffee can be a great pre-workout drink.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), caffeine has been shown to improve training performance in athletes and non-athletes alike.

Dietitian Woods notes that they recommend taking a caffeine supplement (with a cup of coffee) about an hour before a workout.

7. Can help you focus

Lauren O’Connor, a registered dietitian, owner of Nutri Savvy Health and author of Healthy Cooking, says black coffee can help improve focus. Eat this, not that!