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Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch

According to VCG, Ellenwick Remake Confirmed as Nintendo Switch.In a new video made to celebrate the 12th anniversary Alan Wakecreative director Sam Lake has confirmed that the game will land on Nintendo handhelds by the end of the year.

Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch - Photo 1
Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch


Lake wrote: “We’re excited to announce that players will be able to visit Bright Falls on Nintendo Switch. Ellenwick Remake Launching on the platform this fall. The game will be released as a digital version only and will run natively on Nintendo Switch hardware. More details about the game will be revealed in the coming months, and we’re excited to share our story for the first time. Alan Wake With Nintendo fans. “

Alan Wake is an action-adventure game first released in 2010 on Xbox 360 and PC. Players will follow a popular horror novelist trying to unravel the mystery behind his disappearance – his wife.

Developer Remedy and publisher Epic are out Ellenwick Remake Available last year for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.Includes original game and 2 expansions Signal and author Improved 4K graphics.