Baemin partners with Piktina to launch used clothes exchange

According to clothing industry research, a consumer throws away approximately 31.75 kilograms of old or unused clothing each year. The environment is also impacted by more than 500 million tons of clothing waste each year, 84% of which is incinerated, producing 12% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Baemin partners with Piktina to launch used clothing exchange - Figure 1

Baemin just launched a second-hand exchange with Piktina


After understanding the environmental impact of everyday clothing, Baemin partnered with Piktina to implement the internal initiative “Dare 2 Rewear”.

Baemin implements the “Dare 2 Rewear” initiative for all employees in offices across the country. It’s a new and useful playground that focuses on the “old man new man” spirit, helping Baemin employees exchange clothes and accessories with colleagues to refresh themselves while contributing to reducing fashion’s waste to the environment.

Mr. Song Zhenyu, General Manager of Baemin, said: “In conjunction with core values, moving towards the goal of sustainable development is the direction of Baemin’s activities. We will continuously improve our services and products, provide environmentally friendly consumer solutions, and invest in improving Awareness campaign. After a training campaign on green lifestyles in collaboration with government representatives on Earth Day, the final “Dare 2 Rewear” can be said to be a meaningful and practical program that not only helps our colleagues understand and practice sustainable living way, and it also increases employee engagement.”