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Bkav is still developing Bphone after Bkav Electronics disbanded

Recently, the news that Bkav Electronics Company is in the state of “running the disbandment procedure” surfaced, triggering a heated discussion among domestic technology stocks that Bkav Group is responsible for the Bphone product line, AirB earphones… business fate.

Bkav is still developing Bphone after Bkav Electronics disbanded - Photo 1

Bkav Electronics is responsible for developing many of the group’s electronic equipment


On the national industrial and commercial registration portal (Ministry of Industry and Trade), search the data of Bkav Electronics Joint Stock Company, the results show that the unit was established on November 11, 2020, and its legal representative is Mr. Tran Viet Hai. The business scope includes: Communication equipment manufacturing ; Manufacture of electronic components; Manufacture of computers and computer peripheral equipment; Manufacture of electrical lighting equipment; Manufacture of household appliances; Manufacture of other electrical equipment…

The group’s website also confirms that Bkav Electronics specializes in consumer electronics, most notably Bphone smartphones and more recently AirB and AirB Pro headphones.

and youth, the media representative of Bkav Group confirmed the above “dissolution procedures are in progress”. More specifically, this is a normal thing in general business operations.

“We have re-planned the companies under the group to make management more convenient, but the operation remains unchanged. Previously, Bkav spun off Bkav Electronics and was responsible for Bphone in the smart home related field…. During the operation process, Bkav decided to reorganize and make the unit part of the group,” the representative said.

This reorganization has nothing to do with the establishment of Bkav Hardware Solution (BHS), a member company established in early May, which operates as a subsidiary, specializing in R&D services, developing and manufacturing electronic products, positioned as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), or BHS General “Foxconn Vietnam” shared by manager Nguyen Quoc Dang.

The dissolution registration of Bkav Electronics has led many to believe that the technology group headed by Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, after 7 years of development, will stop producing Bphone smartphones. However, as claimed by the agency’s representatives, this is not true. “CEO Nguyen Tu Quang has been determined to do it for many years and to the end, nothing has changed,” added Bkav Fang.