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Can I Get My Wow Characters Back?

Every 7 days you can restore a character. If your character is a CHARACTER, you can restore it.

How Long Can You Restore A Character In Wow?

The undelete feature can be used to restore a deleted character. Within 90 days of deletion, between levels 10 and 29. Yes, within 120 days. You can restore a level 60 character at any time if Classic follows the criteria.

Why Can I Find My Character On Wow Armory?

You may have left the game for too long. Stay in the game for at least 10 minutes. Log out and leave the game. The data should be refreshed inside the database now that it has been checked.

Can Blizzard Restore Deleted Characters?

Is it permissible for restoration? Yes, within 90 days. Yes, within 120 days. Deletions from the database will no longer be visible on the character restoration list.

Do Inactive WoW Characters Get Deleted?

inactive characters are not deleted. You are posting a character on Ravencrest. Did you completely log into the character selection? After being gone for so long, they won’t show up on the screen.

Does Cancelling WoW Delete Characters?

Once the current subscription payment ends, your account will be frozen. You are free to come back whenever you please. Your account will continue to exist.

What Happened To My Old WoW Character?

Before contacting us, you should use the scroll bar on the right side of the Character Select screen. At the bottom, there may be more characters. The Character Select screen might have the wrong realm selected.

How Do I Permanently Delete WoW?

You may need a photo ID to submit an account deletion request. Deleting your account will remove personal information and games from it. You can submit an account deletion request at the support page.

Is There A WoW Armory For Classic?

Are you looking for the classic armory? I am afraid that there is no Armory available for the game, just as it was in the original game. The Armory is only available for characters in a game.

How Much Does It Cost To Play WoW 2020?

A one-month subscription for $14.99/month, a three-month subscription for $13.98/month, and a six-month subscription for $12.98/month are available. This will give them access to all of the previous expansions.

How Do I Reactivate My Old WoW Account?

The following process can be used to recover accounts for players who left the game.

You can log in to account management on You can input the email address and password for your old account.

What To Do If You Have The Wrong Realm In World Of Warcraft?

At the bottom, there may be more characters. The Character Select screen might have the wrong realm selected. To see what realm contains your characters, click Change Realm. You might be logging in to the wrong account.

What To Do If Your Characters Are Missing In World Of Warcraft?

I can not see my characters. Before contacting us, you should check the following steps. The Character Select screen has a scroll bar on the right side. At the bottom, there may be more characters. The Character Select screen has a wrong realm selected.

How Do You Refresh Characters In World Of Warcraft?

After a long absence, you may need to refresh your character stat. On the character select screen, choose the realm your characters were in. You can refresh your character list by creating a new character. The cache folder needs to be deleted. Please give feedback by logging in.

Why Do I No Longer Play World Of Warcraft?

There are a few reasons why I don’t play the game anymore. For instance, you used to need to buy poison for your rogue in order to poison them. You used to train. When you level up, they upgrade your skills.