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Can You Still Play Funkeys?

The world of Funkeys is no longer supported. We are aware of that. The Funkeys world has been enjoyed by many children and parents.

Is U.B. Funkeys Discontinued?

Funkeys was a personal computer game. It was discontinued in January of 2010. The game software was developed by Arkadium, while the product was designed by Radica Games.

Who Owns U.B. Funkeys?

U.B. Arkadium Games, a game design company, designed the software for Funkeys. The starter kit and figurine are expected to sell for $19.99 and $4.99, respectively.

How Do I Run UB Funkeys?

Go to my site,, and press “download game” because the official download stopped around 2016 The button is grey. The game will hopefully work if you install the U.B Funkeys.

Does UB Funkeys Work On Windows 10?

The game ran in its native resolution, fullscreen, without a graphic, after I downloaded the 5.0 version install files from /u/Dalethium.

Is There A Guide For Installing U.b.funkeys?

There is a guide for installing the kid’s computer game. Fun keys. This guide was made because it is difficult to install a game nowadays.

How Do You Get All The Funkiki Islands Orbs?

You need to play the games for each funkey until they give you an item in order to get orbs. To get all 4 orbs, you have to keep playing the funkeys games until a movie plays and they give you an item.

Where Are All The Portals In U.b.funkeys?

There are a lot of portals to go through. To use a portal, you had to use a Funkey with a game room.

How Many UB Funkeys Are There In The Game?

There are 15 figures. A lot of figures. The PC software game was accompanied by a line of toy figures. There are many different types of Funkeys. What do you need to do to play? The game can be played on a personal computer.