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Can You Use A Metal Halide Bulb In A High Pressure Sodium Ballast?

The metal halide light is white and the High PressureSodium bulb is amber orange. The regulating element in all light bulbs must be changed.

Are HPS And MH Bulbs Interchangeable?

Some ballasts don’t allow the HPS and MH bulbs to be swapped. It is never a good idea to assume either can be used. A Conversion bulb can be used to swap out a HPS and a MH. A HPS bulb won’t fire in a lamp.

Can You Use A 400W High Pressure Sodium Ballast With A?

A 400 watt metal halide bulb can be used with a 400 watt ballast, but not the other way around. The igniter is in the bulb, and the HPS has it in the ballast.

What Kind Of Halide Light Bulb Do I Need?

This shows you that you have a metal halide probe. If you had a high bay fixture in your warehouse, you could find these bulbs. In the 70s, ’80s, and ‘90s, they were used in a lot of commercial applications.

What Kind Of Ballasts Are Used For Halide Flood Lights?

China manufacturer of magnetic ballasts for metal flood lights.

Can A MH Bulb Work In A SV Ballast?

There are special bulbs that are made to work. Go for a search. The lighting system of metal halide bulb and high pressure sodium lights has a ballast. How do we determine the thickness of the wire for a light system?