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CCCD chip withdrawal operation instructions

Currently, several banks such as VietinBank are using chip-mounted CCCDs to trial cash withdrawal services at ATMs. With this service, customers do not need a bank card or a QR code on a bank app.

Using a chip-based CCCD will help users reduce the risk of counterfeiting and ensure maximum security by connecting biometric data directly to national citizen data for customer authentication technology without having to carry a large number of cards.

When the user scans the CCCD on the ATM, the system will immediately check and compare the CCCD information on the chip, and compare the biometric data by scanning the face and fingerprint. The verification time per transaction is only 6-8 seconds.

It is worth noting that users who have just switched to a chip-based CCCD but have not yet updated their information with the bank can still make normal ATM withdrawals.

Below is a guide to withdraw cash using CCCD chips at ATM VietinBank for your reference. VietinBank is piloting an ATM at the trading office at Tran Hung Dao 108, and more are likely to be added.

How to withdraw money using CCCD with VietinBank chip

The user first selects the cardless withdrawal function on the ATM screen, and then taps the chip-mounted CCCD to withdraw money.

Then place the CCCD card with the chip on the card reader. When prompted, look directly at the ATM’s transaction camera and press Continue to confirm the action.

After completion, the user enters the card PIN code corresponding to the withdrawal account and selects the withdrawal amount on the ATM screen.