Chile: Bold robbery of the defense minister’s residence, looting of the president’s car

Chile: Bold robbery at the home of the defense minister, robbing the president's car - photo 1

Only Minister Fernandez’s husband and son were at home when the robbery took place

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The home of Defense Minister Maya Fernandez, 52, was looted after attackers threatened her husband and beat her son, Chilean authorities said on May 15, citing Chilean officials.

Fernandez, the granddaughter of the late Chilean President Salvador Allende, was not at home when the robbery took place at her home near the capital, Santiago Nunoa, on the evening of May 13 (local time).

“There was a robbery at the home of the Secretary of Defense. Unidentified robbers took money and a car,” said Police Chief Jean Camus.

Chile: Brazen robbery at defense minister's home, robbing president's car - Photo 2

Chilean Defense Minister Maya Fernandez

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Also on the evening of May 13, a security guard of the Presidential Security Team Gabriel Borrick was shot and killed, and the robbers took the presidential vehicle he was driving.

The attack took place in the San Miguel area south of Santiago as the employee was driving back to the presidential palace.

The attackers drove the employee to a small town north of San Diego, shot the victim in the arm and left him on the road, police said. The victim’s condition is unknown. Both cases are under investigation.

The two incidents came as a Chilean official said the country was experiencing the “worst moment in terms of security”, with crime numbers and severity soaring.

Chilean authorities called for further efforts to fight crime and improve security. “We have taken concrete measures to combat organised crime,” said Deputy Interior Minister Manuel Monsalvi. Given the lawlessness caused by organized crime, the government has pledged to strengthen cooperation between the national police and the people.