Chinese Navy welcomes its first female captain

sheet South China Morning Post On April 24, it was reported that the Chinese Navy recently appointed Ms. Wei Duxiao (picture, 45) as the official commander of the Type 052D Shaoxing destroyer. She became the first female captain of the Chinese Navy. She was one of the members of the Chinese media honoring her last weekend on the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Navy.

The Chinese Navy welcomes its first female captain - Figure 1

Ms. Wei worked for Huawei Technology Group and joined the Chinese Navy in 2011. Ms. Wei was the first mate of a Type 052C destroyer. By 2017, Ms Wei was in command of another destroyer, also of the Type 052C.At that time, the single People’s Liberation Army Daily It is predicted that Ms Wei will become the first official female captain in the country’s navy.