Chinese SSDs are PC’s ‘ticking time bomb’

follow Technology unpacking, if you’re considering buying an SSD, you need to start by finding information about them. For a number of reasons, experts suggest that users should look for reputable brands and the best quality instead of Chinese SSDs.

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SSD drives play an important role in storing information on a PC

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Disadvantages of domestic SSD

In many cases, Chinese products are rated as low quality compared to competitors due to some aspects being cut to save costs. The same goes for SSDs.

In short, an SSD has three elements. The first is the memory chip that stores the information. Next, the controller, along with many other controllers, will be responsible for indicating where the information is stored. Finally, caches (usually RAM chips) help temporarily store information and improve performance.

For Chinese SSDs, they face some disadvantages related to the above factors. Specifically:

– Memory chips: They often use memory chips that are discarded by major manufacturers due to poor quality, or have newer models with larger capacity/better performance. As a result, Chinese SSD memory chips are typically slower, have poorer performance, or have significantly less durability.

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Chinese SSDs from lesser-known brands


– Controllers: Major manufacturers have a habit of staying away from older controllers because they are outdated or lack functionality, but this is the choice for many Chinese SSDs. This affects the process of preventing excessive wear on the memory cells on the memory chip. Usually results in more wear and faster drive degradation.

– Cache: Some Chinese SSDs use DDR2 or DDR3 cache, while major manufacturers use DDR4 cache. Even some Chinese manufacturers often write little cache-related information to deceive customers. Instead, they express themselves in details that don’t really make sense.

time bomb

The durability and quality of Chinese SSDs are not worth the savings. They are both poor quality drives compared to the recognized brands. Also, it offers solid performance even with a cheap SSD from a big brand like the Kingston A400. Through a simple comparison between a big brand’s “ordinary” SSD and a domestic SSD, users can see which SSD has the best durability.

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Proven durability and reliability of well-known brand SSDs

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It is recommended that users use SSDs from well-known brands such as Kingston, WD, Crucial, Kioxia, Seagate, Samsung… In fact, there is no official website for Chinese SSDs, the distinction is easy, the information they give is strange and there is no reputable media to introduce them to consumer.