Do LED Lights Work In Reflector Housings

Simply, yes. If you upgrade the bulb, you need to upgrade the bowl as well. The surface of the reflectors will not be evenly illuminated.

Can You Put HID Bulbs In Halogen Reflector Headlights

The short answer is yes, but you have to use a conversion kit. The spaces that are designed for halogen bulbs are not compatible with Xenon HIDs.

Are HID Or LED Better For Projector Headlights

A brighter, more efficient alternative to HID and halogen bulbs is LEDs. It’s not safe to use LEDs in reflector headlights.

Can You Touch LED Headlights

If you want to touch them with bare hands, it’s fine. It is best not to deal with them too much.

What’s The Difference Between Projector And Reflector Headlights

The projector headlights don’t shine in other drivers’ eyes because they’re directed downwards. The projector headlights give off light. There are dark spots in the headlights. The light from the bulbs can blind other drivers.

Can You Put HID In Reflector Housing

There are ways to retrofit your car with HIDs. Thank you for the good job. If you have an original equipment projector and have put in HIDs, you are fine.

Do HIDs Work In Reflector Headlights

The installation of HIDs is slightly more complicated than the installation of LEDs. If your car has projector headlights, you won’t get the desired results, and we strongly recommend considering HID lights.