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Does Machine Language Require Compiler?

The necessary translation is performed by two computer programs. A machine code or machine language is a program that is translated into a high level programming language. Java and C# take different routes.

Why Machine Language Does Not Use Compiler And Interpreter?

The program is created by an interpreter. It doesn’t link the files or generate machine code. The source statements are being executed. The time to execute the code is less if the program codes are already translated into machine code.

Which Language Does Not Need Compiler?

Python does not need a compiler because it relies on an application that compiles and runs the code without storing it in a form that you can easily access or distribute. All programming languages need to be translated into machines.

Do All Languages Use A Compiler?

Any language can be implemented with an interpreter. A combination of the two solutions can translate the source code into some intermediate form, which is then passed to an interpreter.

Do You Need A Compiler For A Programming Language?

Each architecture has its own machine language. If you want to translate human readable assembly language source code into machine language, you need an assembler program.

Why Do Compilers Produce Assembly Code Rather Than Proper Machine Code?

Assembly language can be converted into machine language. Why would the language be converted to assembly? Is it possible to convert from high level language to machine code? There are other reasons for compilers to produce assembly.

Do You Need Compiler Or Interpreter For Python?

It’s a trait of the compiler or interpreter. The language is not mentioned. Every language is possible to be implemented with an interpreter. Both compiled and interpreted implementations can be found in most languages. There are interpreters for both languages.

Can A Compiled Language Be Translated Into Another Language?

A compiled language is translated into another language. The machine code is the target language. There are languages. In case of Cython, the programming language is C.