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Google overhauls Android Auto design

according to upsurge, which Google describes as one of the biggest changes to the overall design, operation and interface of the Android Auto platform so it can be used with any car. To this end, the entire interface will be more dynamic.

Google Overhauls Android Auto Design - Photo 1

The new Android Auto works with different vehicles


The first is split screen mode. The feature was first spotted last year and is still in beta. This feature allows navigation and media playback in every part of the screen. In this way, the user can continue to enjoy the navigation information while displaying various information such as multimedia playback. Google says the new split-screen feature will come to Android Auto this summer, but the company didn’t provide a specific time frame.

Once the new design is available to all users, Android Auto will adapt to most screens and infotainment centers. To do this, it will adjust the format, size and elements of the interface to make better use of the space. With this feature, Android Auto can make more adjustments to each vehicle type, being able to expand or shrink interface elements as needed in each situation.

Google Overhauls Android Auto Design - Photo 2

How the new Android Auto works


Additionally, users can simply share their estimated time of arrival at their destination with contacts via Android Auto. It should be noted that this is just one of the new features of the platform.

Finally, Google also promises to improve Android Auto’s responsiveness. According to the company, this will improve user feedback when using the Android Auto platform and its features in their daily lives.