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How Do I Adjust The Volume On My Dell Keyboard?

You can see a row of buttons on the keyboard. Look for a pair of keys on the keyboard that have speaker-shaped icons. Press and hold the “Fn” key and then tap the “PgDn” key until the volume is reduced.

Where Is The Volume Control On My Dell Computer?

The speaker icon can be found in the lower right corner. The volume control settings can be opened by clicking the icon.

Why Won’t My Volume Keys Work On My Laptop?

If the volume controls on your keyboard don’t work, you should check the Human Interface Device Access service on your computer to make sure it’s Automatic. Click on Human interface device access. Select Automatic and click OK on the General tab.

Where Is Fn Key On Dell Keyboard?

The function (Fn) key is on the lower left corner of your keyboard. The key has a display of Fn on it.

How Do I Fix The Volume Button?

You can access the accessibility menu at settings. There are apps that can replace your volume button. You can get a virtual volume button application. Go to the Play store and search for volume button, then download and install the app that you need.

How Do I Turn Down The Volume On My Laptop?

The Fn + F7 keys have to be pressed at the same time. The volume can be turned up or down with a keyboard. If you want to control the volume on your laptop, you have to use a combination of keys, so take a look at your keyboard and read the user manual.

How Do I Change The Volume On My Microsoft Surface?

The volume button on your Surface can be pressed to change the volume. If your keyboard has volume keys, you can press the volume-down, volume-up, ormute keys. The speaker volume can be adjusted in the desktop’s taskbar. Audio accessories can be adjusted.

Is The Volume Button On My Keyboard Working?

I have an issue. My volume control buttons for volume up and volume down which are F11 and F12 are not working. Two people had a problem. 10:47 AM

Is There A Way To Change The Volume Of The Function Key?

Function keys change volume. You can see this option in many places.