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How Do I Buy Clothes On Stardoll?

You can find clothes for your stardoll by going to the Shop tab in the navigation bar. You can look for items on different floors. You can try them on with a stardoll. You have to put the item in your cart.

How To Send Someone A Gift On Stardoll?

You can send gifts from your friend’s Suite. The Starplaza has a gift icon on the price tag that can be used to send presents. When you buy a gift for your friend, it will be delivered to their Suite.

How Long Has Stardoll Been Around?


The doll is a Star/ Agedoll.

How To Make Your Suite Popular On Stardoll?

The suite should be eye-catching. Use bright colors on your walls. You can use a lot of furniture, plants, and carpets. Be creative! Wood adds a 3D effect to your walls, but it’s only for superstars.

How To Get More Star Points On Stardoll?

Star points can be earned. A lot of people will visit your suite if you earn starpoints. If you click on a doll, dress it up, save it, and then destroy it. You should not send long messages to your friends because you might get more Star points. It doesn’t work and it’s annoying.

What Do You Call The Elites On Stardoll?

If you think Stardoll is a innocent site where you interact with different users and dress up dolls, then wipe the shit from your eyes. Some parts of stardoll are completely free. The users with the rare clothing and perfect speech are the bland ones.

How Are Stardollars Used In Starplaza Urban Dictionary?

Users can purchase virtual clothing items with virtual dollars. Extra features, such as StarBazaar, can be unlocked for a user if they purchase a superstar membership.

How To Be A Superstar In Stardoll Community?

You can dress up celebrities and style yourself. The world’s largest community for girls who love fame and fashion. Remember the password for Star NicknamePassword? Do you want to sign up? Sign up for Spotlight My Home Shop and you will be entered to win prizes.

How Much Does A Stardoll Fashion Doll Cost?

There is a code on the gold card that can be used to redeem 50 Stardoll dollars, exclusive online content, and a one-week Superstar Stardoll membership. I didn’t know what these things meant when I paid $21 for a doll.

What Do You Get With Superstar-only Brands?

What is a superhero? Superstar is more of everything. You get the star icon next to your profile, as well as special gifts and Stardollar bonuses. There are more goodies weekly superhero gift.

Are There Any Barbie Dolls Modeled After Stardoll?

A line of Barbie-sized dolls modeled after the Stardoll concept was released by Mattel. The dolls can be used on the Stardoll website.