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How Do I Delete My Combat Arms Account?

There are two things. Combat Arms should be removed. To do this, right-click on the Start button, select Programs and Features, double-click Combat Arms, and then confirm the removal.

Can I Still Transfer My Combat Arms Account?

The Combat Arms: Reloaded Accounts have not been transferred in time. VALOFE wasn’t allowed to get your data without your consent. More data is available than just game accounts.

How Do I Transfer My Combat Arms Account To Steam?

It is not possible to transfer existing data between the two accounts. If you want to play with the steam version of VALOFE, you will need to create a new game account.

How Do I Transfer My Nexon Account To Valofe?

For more than one transfer.

Go to the transfer page and log-out your account.

Is Valofe Nexon?

The currency for the VALOFE is different from the one for America. You can’t use the money in your account. The game is being played in G-coins.

How Do You Move Riders Of Icarus?

2. You need to have at least one character in the account. There are two things. You need a VFUN account.

You must log in to your account. Open it. Click the button. On. Click the box after that. Make sure that you have at least one character in your account to be able to migrate your game data.