How Do You Find The Feasible Successor In EIGRP?

The all-links command can be used to show the entire table, including successors, feasible successors, and non-successor routes.

Where Does EIGRP Store Successor Routes Choose Two?

Successor routes are stored in a neighbor table. A. The successor route is used to forward traffic.

What Does A Router Do If It Has No EIGRP Feasible Successor Route To A Destination Network And The Successor Route To That Destination Network Is In Active Status?

When a route is being recomputation, it’s in Active state. If there are always feasible successors, there is no need to go into Active state. Route recomputation occurs when there are no feasible successors.

What Destination Addresses Does EIGRP Use When Feasible?

The address of the exit interface is used as the source and the all-EIGRP-routers address is the destination. The link-local address of the exit interface is the source and the all-EIGRP-routers address is the destination.

Which Is Better Rip Or EIGRP?

The EIGRP has higher throughput when there is a failure. The bandwidth efficiency of the two is much higher. We prove that RIP is not suitable for a large network by wasting 0.19 Mbps in 30 seconds.

Which Condition Will Cause Dual To Put An EIGRP?

If the successor is unavailable and there is no feasible successor in the table, DUAL will put an EIGRP route into active state. DUAL must ask neighbors for a new successor when a network enters active state.

What Are The Basic Features Of EIGRP?

The four basic components are:

li>Neighbor Discovery/Recovery./li>li>Reliable Transport Protocol.

What Is The Purpose Of EIGRP?

The Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is an advanced distance-vector protocol that is used on a computer network. The protocol is a proprietary one and only available on the routers of the company.

Is The EIGRP Router A Feasible Successor?

If our successor route disappears, a feasible successor could be used. Each destination is advertised as a route with an attached metric.

When Is A Destination Network Removed From The EIGRP Topology?

A route querying process is initiated when a destination network is removed. When certain requirements are met, the feasible successors will be stored by the EIGRP routers.

Why Do EIGRP Routers Know Only Of Routes Advertised By Directly Adjacent Neighbors?

Only routes advertised by adjacent neighbors are known by EIGRP. A route querying process is initiated when a destination network is removed.

Can A Route Become A Feasible Successor To A Particlar Route?

Some alternatives to a particlar network are not feasible successors. The route must be less than the successor’s feasible distance in order for it to be viable. There are five routers in our network.