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How Do You Use Technology In A Sentence?

Modern technology has made our lives better. Tom is addicted to technology. I’m thankful for technology Do you use technology that is new? Technology is constantly evolving. The age of technology is here. America is leading in space technology. /li>

How Do You Write A Short And Effective Sentence?

There are nine writing tips for making a statement.

Start small Think about what you are saying. Cut down on the number of words you use. Break sentences into two or more lines. The active voice can be used. Remove words that are redundant. Don’t say fluff words. Write one word and two word sentences.

What Do Effective Sentences Look Like?

A complete sentence includes a good sentence. An independent clause is a complete sentence that requires a subject and averb. This part of the sentence structure can express an idea on its own.

What Is The Definition Of Technology In English?

Technology is defined by English Language Learners. Science can be used to solve problems or invent useful things. A piece of equipment is created by technology. The English Language Learners Dictionary has a full definition of technology.

How Can You Use Technology In A Sentence?

Technology in a sentence. The sentence is good like a quote. The company spent a lot of money on new technology. There are two things. Isn’t modern technology amazing? There are three. Many things have been opened up by modern technology. There are four. This technology is very advanced. There are five. The impact of technology is irreversible. There are six.

Which Is The Best Medical Definition Of Technology?

Medical definition of technology is the science of applying knowledge to practical purposes and applied science is a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose.

Are There Any English Words For Information Technology?

There are a lot of meanings to the English words on this list. I will only explain them in the IT context. There are more examples of IT on FluentU.