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How Many IP Addresses Are Available To A Company With A Class B Address?

There are two million possible addresses for the class B network.

How Much Is A Class B IP Address?

The range of Class B addresses is 128.0.

What Is A Class B IP Address Used For?

Medium and large-sized networks use Class B addresses. They support up to 65,000 hosts. Small business and home networks use Class C addresses.

What Is The Range Of Class B IP Addresses?

The first 10 bits of the Class B address are used as a network address, followed by 14 more bits as a host address. The range of addresses is between and 192.255. 214 networks and 216 hosts per network are allowed. Medium networks are used for this class of address.

How Many IP Addresses Are In A Class A Network?

The exclusion of 0 and 127 from class A is the best known address range reservation. A Class A network contains addresses for 16 million network interface; a Class B network has addresses for 65,000 network interface; and a Class C network has addresses for 254 network interface.

What Is The Default IP Address For Class C?

The host ID is used to determine the host in a network. The sub-net mask is for class C. The range of addresses for class C is from 192.0.0.x to 223.255.x. Class D is reserved for multi-casting.

What Is The Problem With Classful IP Addressing?

The problem with this classful addressing method is that millions of class A address are wasted, many of class B address are wasted, whereas, number of addresses available in class C is so small that it can’t cater to the needs of organizations. Class D addresses are only available in one block.