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How Many Personal Computers Per 1000 People Does Norway Have?

Personal computers per 1000 are countries compared.

How Many People Own Personal Computers Worldwide?

The share of households with a computer at home in developed countries was less than 80 percent.

Which Country Has The Best Computers?

A new report from HackerRank, a California-based service that runs tests for developers, provides an answer. More than 1.5 million developers have been ranked by HackerRank. China has the best programmers followed by Russia and Poland.

How Many Tvs Per Thousand People Are There In Qatar?

Televisions per 1000 countries.

What Countries Are The Poorest In Computer Ownership?

South Korea has the highest computer ownership rate in the world, while Bangladesh has the lowest. In Latin America, more than half of Venezuela’s population own computers.

Which Is The Best Country For Personal Computers?

Landlocked is the top country by personal computers per 1000. Lebanon had the highest rate of personal computers per 1000 inhabitants. All of the top 2 countries are tourist destinations. Since 2004, Switzerland has had the highest number of personal computers.

Which Is The Country With The Most Computers Per Capita?

One of the highest rates of personal computers in Asia is in Hong Kong. There are ten. Canada has the second highest rate of personal computers per capita in North America.

Where Does The United States Rank In Personal Computers?

The United States was the first country to have personal computers per 1000 people. Saudi Arabia was the first country in the Muslim world to have personal computers. Landlocked is the top country by personal computers per 1000.

How Many People Have A Computer In The United States?

In the US, 57 of every 100 people own a personal computer, and 80% of households have a computer. More than 70% of the American population has access to broadband, making it one of the nations with high internet usage. The US personal computer market is growing.