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How Much Does A Cray Supercomputer Cost?

$600M Cray will build better nukes. The contract for the creation of a supercomputer head and shoulders above all others is worth $600 million.

Can You Own A Super Computer?

The price of a supercomputer has fallen as the cost of critical components has fallen. It’s now possible for any business to buy a computer.

What Is The Most Expensive Computer You Can Buy?

The most expensive computers have been created.

1989 Macintosh Portable is $6,500. Voodoo Envy is worth $6,500. li>8 $9,995 was the price for Apple Lisa in 1983. /li>li> 1979. Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K is $13,000. The IBM portable computer cost $19,975. Go for a notebook is $20,000. 24k Gold MacBook Pro is $30,000.

How Much Is A NASA PC Worth?

The value of the Navy’s deal with IBM was not disclosed. NASA’s system will cost about $50 million, which is a bargain compared to other systems.

Can I Buy A NASA Computer?

NASA will likely be ranked among the world’s most powerful computers with the purchase of a 10,240-processor system. NASA’s system will cost about $50 million, which is a bargain compared to other systems.

What Is The Best Supercomputer?

China is taking the lead in technology despite the USA being one of the best. The best computer in the world is the Tianhe-2.

What Is The Fastest Supercomputer In The World?

2. Sunway Taihu Light. The Sunway TaihuLight is five times faster than the second fastest computer in the world.

How Much Does The IBM Summit Supercomputer Cost?

$200 million is the price for developing the fastest computer in the world. Artificial intelligence, precision medicine, the discovery of bioenergy, and more are some of the things that are thought to be useful in the Summit.

What Is The Fastest Computer In The World?

History. The CDC6600 was the world’s fastest computer. When one hundred computers were sold for $8 million each, the 6600 was dubbed a supercomputing market leader.