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How To 100% Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force?

If you complete all the missions, but only 85% of them are done on your home screen, you will get 100% completion.

How Many Missions Are There In Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force?

There are some missions that don’t count as main missions. To get 100% on your player, you must complete all of the missions, mini missions and trophy games.

How To Play Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force?

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a Nintendo game that will allow you to become a super secret agent, but only if you complete thirteen missions, which you can’t do online, and you can also buy items, play miny games, and upload coins onto your online penguins account.

Where Do You Get The Puffle Pin In Club Penguin?

2. To get a puffle pin, talk to Dot. Click on the boards with the puffle pin. There are two things. It will show you a screen. The puffle is on the bottom right. There are three. The wall in the room will open to reveal a screen with the Director on it. The Director is going to talk to you.

How Does Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Herbert’s Revenge?

Talk to the Director. Speak with Gary. Take the wrench from the spy gadgets and put it in the virtual reality machine. If you want to tighten the bolt, drag the wrench to it. The machine has a virtual reality component. Discuss with Gary. The fan is on a shelf next to the door.

How To Do The Missions In Club Penguin?

The guides for the missions are here. You have to go to the coffe shop after talking to aunt arctic. There are two things. Pick up a newspaper and look at it. There are three. You can get a piece of paper by clicking on the Blue Puffle. There are four.