How to Sync Photos on (iPhone, Mac) with Windows Computer

How to Sync Photos on (iPhone, Mac) with Windows Computer

If you’re a long-time iPhone user, you’re probably all too familiar with syncing photos and data between MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, and other Apple devices, right?

It can be said that data synchronization between Apple devices is relatively simple and effective.

But for devices outside the Apple ecosystem, the situation is different, you have to install 3rd software to support this issue. Windows is an example!

However, in the latest update to the Photo Viewer app on Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft has updated iCloud Photos Link, which allows for quick syncing of photos between your iPhone and your Windows 11 computer.

This is indeed a great handshake between Apple and Microsoft, helping to take the user experience to the next level.

Here I will guide you in detail How to Link iCloud Photos with Microsoft Photos on Windows 11 Please!

#first.Microsoft Photos app update

iCloud Photo Link works for all Windows users as long as the app microsoft photo your version 2022.31110.2008.0 Up is fine.


First, open the Photos app => then click on the line iCloud Photos Use the photo icon to create a link like on iPhone, macOS, iPad.

Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-2 minutes

Without this line, the application photo Yours is an old version, please open microsoft store => Thưviện => then press the button get updates Update the entire application.

#2.How to Sync Photos on iPhone, Macbook.. and Windows 11

How to Link iCloud Photos with Microsoft Photos on Windows 11!

Now you need to install the app iCloudAbility to sync data with Apple button Get iCloud for Windows Go on.

Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-3 minutes

A small popup appears with basic information about the iCloud app for Windows, click the . button Get.Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-4 minutes

After the installation is complete, open the iCloud app and log in to the iCloud account you want to link there.

Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-5 minutes

Enter the verification code sent to other devices that are also signed in with this iCloud account.

Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-6 minutes

This window will appear after the login is complete, remember to check that line Photos Sync photos.

You can also choose to sync other data, such as Danh bạ, Dấu trang, Lịch The password is also saved, if you want to sync which one, tick the corresponding row.

In the end, you choose Apply get things done Link iCloud Photos with Microsoft Photos.

Huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-7 minutes

A message will appear telling you that the link is complete, but you will need to wait a while for the photo syncing process to complete.

With a few simple steps like these, you can now view and manage your photos on Microsoft Photos without using your iPhone or MacBook as before.

huong-dan-lien-ket-icloud-photos-voi-microsoft-photo-tren-windows-8 minutes


So I just finished the tutorial for you How to Link iCloud Photos with Microsoft Photos Already on Windows 11.

This link will help you manage photos from your iPhone, Macbook… more conveniently on your Windows computer, instead of having to plug in a cable and then import the very time consuming…

Hope this article helps you. good luck!

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