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Is A PC Programmable?

Some of the earliest computing devices were only capable of performing certain calculations.

What Does PC Stand For In Computers?

There is a personal computer.

A personal computer is used by individuals. The personal computer architecture is compatible with IBM PC. The IBM PC is running Microsoft Windows.

What Are Programmable Computers?

A. A machine that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations is a device that computes. A. A device along with peripherals.

Is PC A Title?

Professional corporation is what the letters PC stand for. Professional corporations have the same liability protections as general corporations. Statutes regarding professional corporations vary from state to state.

What Does PC Mean After Your Name?


Many corporation statutes make special provision to regulate the use of the corporate form by licensed professionals, such as attorneys, architects, engineers, public accountants and physicians.

What Is A PC Legal?

A professional corporation is a special corporation established by professionals who practice together.

Which Is The Best Definition Of A Computer?

There is a computer. A computer is a device that can be programmed. The term computer was originally given to humans who used computers for numerical calculations.

Which Is The Best Definition Of The Word Programmable?

A person is dancing on stage. A speech consisting of meaningless words is an example. A ruffian is a criminal. The Random House Unabridged Dictionary is based on

Which Is The First Programmable Computer In The World?

The world’s first digital computer was programmed by switches and plugs, not by a stored program.

What Does PC Stand For In A Dictionary?

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