Multiple recommendations for maritime security and clean energy for ASEAN

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Formal working sessions of the ASEAN-US Extraordinary Summit include ASEAN leaders meeting with President Joe Biden; ASEAN leaders discussing maritime security and Covid-19 prevention with Vice President Harris, and meeting with Cabinet ministers on climate change response, Clean energy transition and sustainable infrastructure development.

Leaders discussed maritime security, disease control and economic recovery, addressing climate change, and regional and global issues. ASEAN leaders thanked the U.S. for its active support in the Covid-19 response, vaccine supply, and the recent establishment of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regional office in Hanoi.

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Overview of the ASEAN-US Extraordinary Summit

Recognizing that the world and regional situation continues to evolve in complexity and many new challenges emerge, ASEAN and the United States affirm their close cooperation and contributions to the maintenance of regional peace, security and stability, including: freedom of navigation and overflight in the East China Sea. The United States affirms its support for ASEAN’s position on the East Sea issue, welcomes ASEAN’s promotion of cooperation, dialogue and confidence-building in the region, and efforts to establish an effective, efficient and appropriate “Code of Conduct in the South China Sea” in accordance with international law, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea .

U.S. leaders have announced numerous proposals and initiatives for cooperation with ASEAN. The U.S. will invest $40 million in clean energy infrastructure, $60 million in enhanced maritime cooperation, and $150 million in the ASEAN-U.S. Healthy Future Initiative to help improve the quality of life in ASEAN. Fighting climate change, building infrastructure and $70 million for educational programs, people-to-people exchanges…

In response to the situation in Myanmar, all countries called for restraint, reduce tension and violence, ensure the safety of the people, promote a sense of responsibility, and fully implement the ASEAN five-point consensus.

When discussing the situation in Ukraine, all parties called for restraint, maintaining dialogue efforts, taking into account the legitimate interests of all parties, seeking a long-term solution and ensuring the safety of civilians on the basis of international law.

Respect ASEAN’s central role

Prime Minister Fan Minchin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. During his meeting with President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister emphasized that on the basis of trust and responsibility, solidarity, joint cooperation, management of differences, and respect for the law, we should continue to promote sincere dialogue and contribute to the realization of world peace, stability, cooperation, and prosperity. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that major countries, as ASEAN’s partners, can stabilize relations and compete in a healthy and responsible manner, while contributing to the region in a spirit of transparency. Build, respect the core role of ASEAN, fully consult with ASEAN, respect international law, and contribute to regional and world peace, security and stability.

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Prime Minister Fan Minchin speaking at the meeting


Vietnam reiterated ASEAN’s principled stance on the East Sea issue, stressing the peaceful settlement of all disputes and differences on the basis of international law, including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Develop a valid and effective COC Code of Conduct in accordance with international law and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

During a discussion on maritime security and Covid-19 prevention, the Prime Minister welcomed the US initiative to strengthen maritime cooperation with the region, stressing the shared importance of all nations, including ASEAN and the US, in ensuring peace and stability and interests, safety, security, freedom of navigation and overflight in the East China Sea, the lifeline of world maritime trade.

The Prime Minister introduced Vietnam’s achievements in epidemic control and economic recovery, emphasizing the establishment of a global solution to global problems. The Prime Minister also emphasized that the epidemic affects all the people. We must focus on the whole people, put the people’s health and life first, and respond with the people as the center and the main body. Responding to a pandemic, transforming and facilitating recovery. The Prime Minister suggested that the U.S. continue to help ASEAN countries to prevent diseases, especially technology transfer in the production of vaccines and therapeutic drugs, improve medical capacity and the quality of medical human resources; at the same time, support ASEAN countries and Vietnam to pay attention to, care for and help those affected by Covid-19 Vulnerable Groups.

At the meeting on addressing climate change, clean energy transition and sustainable infrastructure, the Prime Minister hoped that the United States could cooperate effectively within the framework of the US-Mekong Partnership and contribute to ensuring the quality of development and supporting equitable and sustainable development. The Prime Minister also praised countries’ cooperation in tackling climate change through economic structural transformation, application of scientific and technological progress, renewable energy development, promotion of transition, clean energy, building high-quality infrastructure, and moving towards green and sustainable development.

Build the East China Sea into a peaceful, stable and prosperous ocean

At the conclusion of the meeting, the United States and ASEAN countries (the two sides for short) adopted a joint vision statement reflecting the achievements of the past 45 years and setting the future direction. In the statement, the two sides pledged to establish a substantive, effective and mutually beneficial ASEAN-US comprehensive strategic partnership at the 10th ASEAN-US Summit to be held on the anniversary of the ASEAN-US Leaders Meeting in November 2022. – U.S. Partnership for Dialogue.

Both sides are committed to strengthening and building a more comprehensive ASEAN-U.S. dialogue relationship to further promote and maintain peace, security, stability, and prosperity in the region; ensure that the relationship (ASEAN-U.S.) can meet new challenges; Appropriate cooperation in regional forums.

Both sides support ASEAN’s efforts in post-pandemic recovery and health security by strengthening national and regional health systems and capacities, such as through the ASEAN-US Healthy Futures Initiative. Commit to more comprehensive, robust and sustainable global financial support for pandemic preparedness, preparedness and response, including support for the World Bank and WHO’s current efforts in the world economy.

In strengthening economic connectivity and linkages, the two sides are committed to continuing to promote stronger, fairer and more inclusive economic growth and sustainable development, including through the implementation of the Framework Agreement. The ASEAN-U.S. Trade and Investment Work Program expands economic cooperation initiatives and significant U.S. economic engagement in the region.

In terms of maritime cooperation, the two sides are determined to maintain peace, security and stability in the region; ensure the safety and security of navigation, and freedom of navigation and overflight; and recognize the benefits of building the East China Sea into a peaceful, stable and prosperous sea.