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New mysterious device running Apple’s iOS leaked

When a company in the US wants to make a product with radio frequencies, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the device must be approved by regulators such as the FCC. FCC filings recently revealed a mysterious new “network adapter” from Apple that runs the iOS operating system originally designed for the iPhone.

Apple submitted a sample of the device to the FCC on January 22, 2022. While there are no pictures of the adapter, the documentation describes its internal hardware in detail.

Apple’s new network adapter has two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC antenna, and a USB-C port. The filing also reveals that the accessory has 32 GB of internal storage and 1.5 GB of RAM. A second version of the same product has a Lightning port instead of USB-C, and only 1 GB of RAM.

Mysterious new device running Apple's iOS leaked - Photo 1

FCC filings show Apple has registered a new networking device that uses the iOS operating system


The adapter runs firmware code “19F47”, which is the initial build of iOS 15.5. The adapter may be based on an Apple Silicon chip, such as an Apple Studio monitor.

Other than the FCC testing new accessories that connect to the MacBook Pro and iMac, details about the new products remain unknown, as “defective Apple” has asked for a nondisclosure agreement that runs until November 2022.

This stuff from the FCC doesn’t mean the device will be available anytime soon. Apple has many devices that are registered with the FCC and used internally, such as the tools technicians use to repair iPhones and Macs.

If this adapter is an unreleased Apple product, it could be a modern hub for Mac users, or an AirPort replacement.