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New Zealand criticises China-Soochow deal

Ms Mahuta also said the agreement was unpopular and unnecessary, and confirmed New Zealand only learned of the draft agreement in March after it was leaked. She called on Solomon Islands to increase transparency in order to have a dialogue on the impact of the agreement on regional security.

New Zealand criticises China-Solomon deal - Figure 1

Recently, China-Solomon relations have steadily strengthened


China confirmed on April 19 that it had signed a security agreement with Solomon. The contents of the agreement have so far not been released, but the leaked draft has raised concerns among the United States, Australia and its allies that China could deploy troops to the Solomon Islands. Australia has said building a Chinese base in the Solomon Islands is a “red line”, while the United States has vowed to take action if it happens. Prime Minister Solomon Manasseh Sogavare assured that China has no intention of establishing a military base there.