Pham Hong Phuoc sang live OST ‘Cuc Suc’s Family’ with great enthusiasm

After a successful comeback for the past 7 episodes, the 8th episode of “Animal Family” is still topping YouTube Vietnam’s top trends.

The details in the film are still entertaining with captivating comedic clips. In addition, the love story of the husband and wife line-Suk and two daughters Quao-Quao is drawn more clearly, clarifying the message of family affection.

Pham Hong Phuoc sang the OST

It is worth mentioning that at the end of episode 8, the soundtrack oh my dear It sounded, making the audience both familiar and choked up.The performer of this song is Fan Hongfu – the voice that made many people cry because of the song Father is old, isn’t it, youth will always pass… After the quarrel and misunderstanding of the husband and wife Ministry-Suc, Pham Hong Phuoc’s voice sounded like a catalyst to get the audience emotional. The male singer said it took him two writings and a complete rewrite to create proper music for Vo Tan Phat.

Pham Hong Phuoc performed the song live at the Hot Trend studio. We invite you to watch!