Remove the Recommendations section from the Windows 11 Start Menu

Remove the Recommendations section from the Windows 11 Start Menu

So it has been almost half a year since Microsoft officially released Windows 11.

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This is the latest version of Windows to date, and Microsoft’s most modern version of Windows in terms of design and functionality.

Windows 11 is equipped with many new features, pioneered by Microsoft, designed to improve user experience and optimize system performance.

However, not all changes are effective and useful to users, such as removing the drag and drop functionality on the taskbar.

In this article, I will guide you How to Remove the Recommendations Section in the Windows 11 Start Menu Please!


Let me share with you more, the current time (August 12, 2022) Windows 11 is still very restricted, and it is still very uncomfortable to use.

There are still many small bugs that are not fixed, or the computer freezes, and sometimes I have to use the power button on the device to turn it off.

All active web browsers have been quit…

So, if you’re a work computer, you shouldn’t be upgrading to Windows 11.

1. How to delete the recommended section in the Windows 11 start menu

Windows 11 comes with a new taskbar and start menu, redesigned by Microsoft with a Fluent design style.

In the Start menu there is a recommended placed directly below the pinned app (top), displays your most recently downloaded files and software.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (2)

But if you don’t find the Recommend section very useful, you can delete it entirely. You can apply in the following 3 ways:

#first. Using Explorer Patcher

ExplorerPatcher, probably a familiar name to early adopters of Windows 11, is an open-source tool that gives you options that were only available on Windows 10 (to bring into Windows 11).

We often use this tool to get back the Windows 10 taskbar and start menu interface without noticing that it has the function of removing software. recommend in the Start menu.


step 1. first you go Github

or Come in this link (scroll down to assets – The download is named ep_setup.exe) to download and install ExplorerPatcher.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (3)

step 2. Once the installation is complete, your File Explorer will restart and the familiar Windows 10 taskbar will appear.

Next, right click on the gear icon => and choose Properties Open the settings.

Step 3. then you go on Start Menu => Then tick the line Disable the “Recommended” sectionfinished.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (4)

Done, click the row Restart File Explorer Restart File Explorerin order for the changes to take effect.

#2.Use the local group policy editor

If you just remove the recommended part of the start menu, there is no need to use it Explorer Patcher Same as method #1 above.

You can definitely do it with this tool Local Group Policy Editor For Windows, this is a very powerful tool that allows you to manage and access advanced settings of your Windows system.

Unfortunately, users who use Windows 11 Home Edition will not be equipped with this tool. For friends who use Windows Home Edition, please refer to the following method. #3 the following.


step 1. You open the Windows search box (Win + S) => then enter a keyword gpedit => then select row Edit group policy open in results Local Group Policy Editor.

or you can enter the command gpedit.msc Go to the Run dialog (Windows + R).

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (5)

step 2. Windows Local Group Policy Editor appears, you visit the following path:

Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Start Menu and Taskbar

watch festival Setting On the right side of the screen, you’ll immediately see a window called Remove Recommended section from Start Menu.

This was originally an option designed by Microsoft for this version Windows 11SE (Low-end machines and devices for educational use) But we can totally apply it to Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, etc. editions.

There will be similar settings for the rest of the versions in the future.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (6)

By default, this setting is set to Not Configuredplease change to Enabled => then press OK. When finished, remember to restart Windows 11 for this setting to take effect.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (7)

Later, if you want to display recommend As is, do the steps above again and fix the settings to not configured Then save it.

#3.Use Registry Editor

You can first enable the Local Group Policy Editor on the Windows 11 home page => then follow the steps in part 2 above.

or You use the Registry Editor tool as follows:

Similar to the Local Group Policy Editor, in registration form Windows 11 also has a similar setting.

However, editing the registry is risky (if done incorrectly) and not suitable for ordinary users.

So please backup your entire Windows 11 Registry before making any edits!


step 1. you search with keywords registry or regedit In Windows 11’s search box => then select the line Registry Editor Open the registry editing tool in the results.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (8)

step 2. Windows Registry Editor appears, please visit the path:


You can paste it directly into Registry Editor’s address bar for faster access. Learn how to quickly access paths in the registry with a single click.

right click New => DWORD (32-bit) Value Create value DWORD(32-bit) new, name it HideRecommendedSection dentistry.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (9)

Step 3. Next, double-click HideRecommendedSection Just create => and fix its value 0 fort 1 => then press OK save.

When its value is set to the first then part recommend The start menu will be hidden, if you want to show it again, change the value to 0 or delete the key hide recommended section yes.

Remember to restart Windows when you’re done for these changes to take effect.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (10)

After using one of the three methods above, some Recommend in the menu will be removed, and Pinned will be displayed in full, rather than narrowly as before.

input-bo-phan-recommend-in-start-menu-windows-11 (11)

The start menu looks like this, I don’t know how you feel, but I look like I missed something 😀


so I just showed you 3 ways Remove the Recommendations section from the Windows 11 Start Menu Ok.

I personally see recommend It’s also great when I can get quicker instant access to a file or app I just downloaded, or a file I’ve been working on.

What do you think of this feature? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. If you found this article interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it for me 😀 Good luck!

CTV: Ruan Qingdong
edit by Kien Nguyen