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Shopee Day 15 Same Price Sale – Discover the Collection Now for VND 1,000

Summer is here, and many long-cherished fun, entertainment and travel plans are knocking on the door, leading to increased shopping demand across the consumer industry. So the “Day 15 of Same Price Sale – 1K Same Price” campaign continues with a range of cheap collections starting from just 1,000 VND, 0 VND free shipping on all orders and a 15% discount coupon. It’s hard to forgive. Especially from May 15th to the end of May 16th, just enter the code SP155PR at checkout, users will also get an additional 10% discount on orders from 0 VND up to 20,000 VND! Your chance to discover and collect the hottest deals is below.

Shopee Day 15 on sale for the same price - Discover the collection now for just 1,000 VND - Photo 1

6 Great Shopping Hours All Day May 15

As usual, the familiar time range 0H-9H-12H-15H-18H-21H on Shopee will take users from surprise to surprise. Starting at 0:00 midnight, users have the opportunity to find discounted products on the floor, followed by 50% off a range of authentic brands on 9H. Notably, the opportunity to multiply 3 offers with free shipping coupons, Xtra Xtra Cashback and up to 50% off will be available in 12H. Don’t forget to look for VND 155,000 discount coupon at 15:00 and win VND 15,000 at 18:00. Finally, at 9pm, a heavily discounted product of only VND 1,000 will “land” Shopee’s 15th Same Price Sale.

Users can shop for more benefits through a series of coupons launched earlier today (May 14), including: 8% cashback coupon up to VND 70,000 on orders over VND 500,000; when purchasing products from Shopee Mall , 8% discount for orders over VND 250,000, up to VND 50,000; 15% discount coupon for orders starting from VND 99,000, up to VND 15,000. Also, don’t miss the raindrops of super coupons that return up to 300,000 VND and are only open for 30 minutes each time at 10pm tonight. Visit now:

A series of attractive deals “paving” across the industry

Shopee Day 15 on sale for the same price - Discover the collection now for just 1,000 VND - Photo 2

Smart TV Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Curved Screen 55-inch free on-site installation, the preferential price is only 11,866,000 VND

Shopee Day 15 Same Price Sale - Discover the Collection for only 1,000 VND - Photo 3

Fashion Orange TEELAB Solid T-Shirt 50% off, only VND 175,000

Shopee Day 15 Same Price Sale - Discover the Collection for only 1,000 VND - Photo 4

A collection of discounts at the same price of VND 1,000 will surely make you fall in love with it. From Chun with colorful headbands, breathable cotton socks to Bookmark with sky pattern, the lowest price in the world, only 1000 VND

Attractive payment offers from ShopeePay and partners

ShopeePay has launched a series of offers in the “15.5 ShopeePay Sale Mid-Month, Use up to 15% off” campaign, making the hassle of “heavy wallet” orders disappear. Specifically, users will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of offers including 15% off coupons, up to 50% off bill payment offers, the same price of 1,000 VND, and many payment incentives and promotions. . See more details at:

In addition, today, users who successfully open an SCB credit card can also get up to VND 2,000,000 e-voucher; meanwhile, FE Credit international credit card cardholders can enjoy a discount of 50,000 VND for orders over 350,000 VND on Shopee. However, Zema Beauty’s discounted prices for many attractive beauty services are only VND 49,000, applicable to all branches. Details are at:

discount information:

Echoing the ambience of the 31st SEA Games, Shopee will be hosting a “Super Sports Sale” programme from 12.5 to 22.5, with a series of in-depth promotions including up to 50% off coupons and great deals of VND 1,000. In addition, when participating in “Sports Auction – Brand Pinnacle”, users have the opportunity every day to purchase successfully auctioned products at favorable prices and receive attractive coupons from brands. Specifically on May 12th, participants can share up to 1.5 million coins in the 12H, 12H20 and 12H40 timeframes. Discover the “Super Sports Deals” now at:

Don’t forget the 4 Freeship Xtra codes from the Voucher Store and a range of offers from Freeship Xtra: