Should you be using USB as your computer’s virtual RAM?

Every computer has a stick (or sticks) of RAM (and there is always a slot to add more RAM as needed) and a certain amount of memory. When Windows runs out of your computer’s RAM, it automatically turns the HDD into virtual RAM for use. This means that RAM memory will be expanded at this time. But you will notice that the machine is still slow, unstable and laggy.

That’s because the read and write speed of HDD is much lower than the speed of real RAM, making the computer’s processing speed slower.

Besides USB, the read and write speed of USB is slower than that of HDD. So you can imagine how your computer will behave when it runs out of RAM and switches to using virtual RAM from the created USB.

Moreover, the main function of USB is to back up data, and the access speed is relatively slow. And RAM requires high access speed, very high, so it will heat up the USB and damage it very quickly.

Use this trick if you want to try it out, or use it temporarily. But in the long run, to ensure the performance of the computer and the durability of the U disk, you should buy a new memory stick. The price of 4GB and 8GB RAM is not expensive at present. So if you want to upgrade your RAM, do it ASAP.