Singapore newspapers shocked as Joseph Schooling and teammates lose 4x100m gold

Singapore newspapers shocked when Joseph Schooling and his teammates lose 4x100m gold - Photo 1

also according to the monad The Straits Times Caption: “Singapore 4x100m freestyle team disqualified after landslide victory” after a technical error on the start of super swimmer Joseph Schooling, a world-class athlete and a swimmer at the 2016 Olympics Gold medalist.

Singapore newspapers shocked when Joseph Schooling and his teammates lose 4x100m gold - Photo 2

Joseph Schooling and his teammates are disappointed to learn they have been disqualified for violating the 4x100m freestyle rules

The Straits Times

sheet The Straits Times It was also reported that after finishing the race in 3 minutes 17.19 seconds, the Singapore Swimming Team took first place along with swimmers Mikkel Lee, Jonathan Tan, Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen, well ahead of the Malaysian team (3 minutes 20 seconds). ). 13 seconds) and host Vietnam (3 minutes 21.81 seconds). In response to the media celebrating their gold-winning achievement, the shocking news came that they had been disqualified for a technical blunder in the opening.

Upon receiving the shocking news, Joseph Schooling and his teammates left the interview and headed straight to the locker room in great disappointment. In this content, the Singapore Swimming Team has dominated and won consecutive gold medals since the 2005 SEA Games. In the 2019 SEA Games, they also broke the record with a time of 3 minutes 16.82 seconds.

Singapore Swimming Team Head Coach Mr Tan Gary said: “I think it’s important to congratulate my boys and it’s no one’s fault. This happened in a very competitive environment and it shows the desire of the athletes to win this gold medal. We hope to turn today’s disappointment into motivation for the upcoming matchdays.

As for the technical (starter) part of the disqualification, it’s hard to dispute, although we’ve also investigated the reasons to make sure it’s not a technical issue. I don’t mean to be mean, but there are many technical issues. However, we must accept and will address this issue again. “

At the same time, a single The Straits Times Considering the shock of Joseph Schooling’s swimming debut at the 31st SEA Games had an unpleasant start, the super swimmer is now hoping to regain his name in the 100m butterfly in the coming days.

2 technical issues for the 2 men’s 4x100m freestyle relay teams from Singapore and Malaysia to be disqualified due to violations:

1. The starting technique of the relay race is a special starting technique, which is very different from the one-way starting technique. This technique requires team members to practice together to ensure a quick but legal transition between the swimmer in the water and the athlete standing on the platform. If an athlete standing on the podium leaves the platform with the athlete’s hand swimming in the water and not touching the lake wall (or electronic touch screen), the team will be disqualified.

2. Every time the athlete starts, the electronic clock will record the reaction time from the swimmer’s hand touching the electronic touch screen to the athlete standing above leaving the platform. If the number is positive then it is a valid start, if the number is negative then it is an illegal start. This violation parameter is very objective (recorded by an electronic clock) and not subjective to the naked eye of the referee.

Another noteworthy information: The 2 referees who ruled against Singapore and Malaysia were Singaporeans and Malaysians!