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Some great tips for using your Apple Watch you might not know

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch made by Apple that first launched on September 9, 2014. Not only is the Apple Watch known for telling the time, but it is also very integrated, with many great features that attract users, such as location, directions, payment directly on the watch, health monitoring, heart rate measurement, calls, text messages, …

The Apple Watch smartwatch design has won the hearts of millions with its striking and elegant design. This product immediately went crazy because of its great design.

Currently, Apple Watch has been released in many different versions, including: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition. Each edition targets its own audience and is equipped with different features.

In this article, we won’t discuss the advantages of each Apple Watch line for now, but only the features and tricks you can take advantage of. as follows.

Turn on battery charging reminder

Although the Apple Watch has been upgraded every year since its initial release, the latest Series 7 version of the Apple Watch still only promises “up to 18 hours” of use on a single charge. So if you want to wake your Apple Watch to follow you on a full charge, you need to charge your Apple Watch before going to bed at night. If you forget to charge it before bed, there’s a good chance it will run out at night, and then you’ll have to spend a lot of time charging it again in the morning.

To avoid this, Apple added a feature where you can get a reminder to charge your Apple Watch before it runs out of power, and then get a notification on your iPhone when your Apple Watch is fully charged. If your watch has less than 30% battery remaining, you’ll get an automatic reminder to recharge your watch about an hour before you’re about to go to sleep. as follows.

Note that this feature will only appear if you enable the “Use this watch for sleep” option from the Watch app on your iPhone.

Enable “Fall Detection”

If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or SE or later, you will be equipped with Fall Detection. This feature, when enabled, will always monitor your movements, and if it detects a hard fall while wearing the watch, the watch will vibrate slightly on your wrist, make a sound and display an alert. You can choose to contact emergency services or dismiss the alarm by pressing the Digital Crown button and tapping “I’m fine.”

If your Apple Watch detects you’re moving, it waits for you to respond to the alert and doesn’t automatically call emergency services. Conversely, if the Apple Watch detects that you have been lying motionless for about a minute, it will automatically make an emergency call.

When the call ends, Apple Watch sends a message with your location to the person you’ve selected as an emergency contact, letting them know your watch detected your fall and calling the emergency contact. The activation method is as follows.

Plus, your Apple Watch records your fall history in the Health app so you can review it when you need it.