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Steve Jobs wanted an iPhone without a SIM card slot

according to Apple Insider, Tony Fadell — one of the most influential members of the original iPod and iPhone design team, known as the “Father of the iPod” — revealed more details about the development of the original iPhone in an interview with the Computer History Museum .This interview was conducted by Mr. Fadell to promote a book titled put up.

Steve Jobs once wished the iPhone didn't have a SIM card slot - Photo 1

iPhones released in 2007 using CDMA networks will not have SIM card slots


In the interview, Mr. Fadell revealed that Jobs wanted the iPhone to have a seamless design and even wanted to remove the SIM card slot from the models they developed.

Not only that, but Jobs talked about CDMA cellular technology, which allows phones to connect to cell towers without having to communicate with a SIM card. Apple’s CEO at the time thought it would help create an iPhone without a SIM card tray.

The former Apple engineer recalled that he had to use existing market data to prove to the late Apple co-founder that a CDMA-based design would lead to low iPhone adoption. It turned out that the CDMA standard was still not as popular as the rival GSM standard, so Mr. Jobs opted for GSM on the iPhone, which was introduced in 2007.

Now, Jobs’ goal of a SIM-free iPhone appears to be on the way, as rumors suggest that next year’s iPhone 15 could be the first iPhone model without any physical SIM card slot.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, Mr. Fadell recently addressed Steve Jobs’ controversial decision to develop the iPod and iPhone. According to reports, the former Apple CEO initially refused to provide iTunes for the PC.