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The people of Xinfu County sent over 1,230 Zalo safety news to the police

Information on the “Tan Phu District Image Monitoring Center and Zalo Public Account Model Service ANTT News Reception” conference held on the afternoon of May 13.

During the meeting, Colonel Nguyen Wei Dong, Deputy Chief of Police in Xin Phu District (Ho Chi Minh City), said that the Zalo Security model has achieved very good results after only one year of operation. Under the constant communication and guidance of the police, this model has been widely disseminated to the general public.

“Just by calling, the public can care about Zalo in the district, feed back information related to the situation of safety and order to the police through visual images, videos and timely support to support crime prevention,” said Nguyen Vee University Director.

People in Tan Phu sent over 1,230 Zalo safety messages to police - Photo 1

Tan Phu district leaders and Zalo representatives exchanged experiences on the operation of Zalo security model

Photo: Nguyen Shao

Through the Zalo Security account, Tan Phu District Police has received 216,798 messages to learn and guide people on the steps to prepare necessary documents and prepare necessary documents when going through administrative procedures to shorten the time. resulting in a loss of time.

In particular, the district police and their affiliated units received more than 1,230 news reports, of which more than 307 pieces of valuable information were sent through Zalo. In order to provide timely information and evidence, the district police can quickly detect and deal with a number of cases involving public security and order in the region.

In addition, during the stressful times of the Covid-19 outbreak, Xinfu County Police has also sent a notification to every citizen through Zalo to request a medical declaration through a built-in link, making declaration quick and easy. Cases with contracted and contracted Covid-19 risk.

Tan Phu men sent over 1,230 Zalo security messages to police - Photo 2

There are nearly 160,000 people in Tan Phu who are interested and follow the Zalo safety page in the area

Photo: Nguyen Shao

Since February 2021, the Zalo Safe Mode of Xinfu District Police has set up 18 pages, including: 1 Zalo page “Xinfu District Police”, Zalo pages of 11 District Police and Zalo pages of 6 professional teams. These pages have 3 main goals: interactive channels, publicity channels, and administrative reform.

After more than a year of operation, so far, the Zalo page of the district police has attracted more than 157,200 followers and followers. The editorial department also released more than 610 articles and videos together with 13 professional teams and 11 district police, with nearly 4.3 million views and shares.

Additionally, more than 38.5 million SMS notifications were sent to users for things like setting up new utilities, reporting crimes, preventing the Covid 19 epidemic, and issuing CCCD notices. Area.

Tan Phu men sent over 1,230 Zalo security messages to police - Photo 3

Mr. Fan Mingwen – Chairman of Xinfu District People’s Committee issued a certificate to the street protection force

Photo: Nguyen Shao

In addition, in order to help people interact more conveniently and effectively, the Zalo police account in Xinfu District is constantly adding and developing new functions, such as: setting up a quick view of security information; answering questions quickly through chatbots, and making CCCDs automatically by dialing; looking up CCCD results ; Want information or looking for lost people, …

Mr. Fan Mingwen, chairman of the Xinfu District People’s Committee (HCMC), stressed that for the Zalo Security model, interaction with people is very important. “So awareness campaigns have to be more focused as well, setting a goal that 100% of the people in the district will be interested in these Zalo pages. When people are interested, it seems that the district is going to have information that condemns crime, safety news, information that reflects the environment. source, … to help Xinfu District achieve peace,” Mr Fan Ming said. Mann shared more information.

Over 1,230 Zalo news about safety sent to police by Tan Phu people - Photo 4

Senior Colonel Nguyen Duy Dong – Deputy Chief of Tan Phu District Police Station presents the Zalo team with a certificate

Photo: Nguyen Shao

Also at the preparatory meeting, the Xinfu County Police presented the Zalo team with a certificate for their positive contributions in supporting the construction and operation of the Zalo Safe Model in the region.

Although the Zalo security model has only been deployed for more than a year, it has already achieved results in serving the work of ensuring information security and reforming administrative procedures. In the coming time, the model will be promoted, adding new functions to adapt to the situation of digital transformation and the needs of the people of the new wealthy area. Contributes to the image of a modern friendly policeman and maintains a 24/7 life in peace.