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The secret line under the iPhone battery icon

Apple created iOS with a simple, intuitive interface, but there are still things that look weird without the company explaining it. One of them is the faint line below the battery icon, the Wi-Fi and mobile wave bars that appear on the lock screen.

Secret Line Under iPhone Battery Icon - Photo 1

The mysterious line below the iPhone battery icon is actually a pointer


This isn’t the first time something mysterious has appeared on an iPhone screen. Since iOS/iPadOS 14, users have been seeing an unusual orange or blue dot in the upper right corner of the “notch”. It’s essentially a notification about an app running in the background and using the device’s camera and microphone.

The line below the battery icon appeared a long time ago, around iOS 11.2, but few seem to notice it. In fact, this is the point where the user can quickly open the Control Center from the lock screen, or to put it figuratively, open the door handle of the Control Center. This feature is similar to the thick line at the bottom of the screen, and users need to swipe up to unlock the phone.

The control center is a special area that contains “quick switches” to turn on and off some functions, such as toggling airplane mode, turning on/off Wi-Fi, bluetooth, mobile networks… The user can also set to add many shortcuts to easily turn on/off off flash, QR code scanners, calculators… In short, quick access functions are usually located in the control center to save the user’s actions when they need to use the machine’s applications and functions.

Users were annoyed because anyone could pull down the control center, and they were also customized to not be able to open the control center from the iPhone’s lock screen. However, this doesn’t make the line disappear.

To turn off the ability to quickly open the Control Center from the lock screen, the user can click the link Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Passcode). There will be a control center section under the “Allow access when locked” section, just pull the switch to the off position.

The beneficial actions Apple creates during user usage are fairly subtle, but the company doesn’t mention or explain why there’s a line below the battery icon, as well as some other “mysterious” features.