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The Truth About ‘Alien Door Frames’ on Mars

The Truth About 'Alien Door Frames' on Mars - Photo 1

The image of the door frame has caused a lot of speculation


By page Science Alert One of the images sent back to Earth by the Curiosity rover on May 13 showed an image of a cliff with the same gap as a door frame.

This image was taken by the Curiosity rover on May 7 at Greenhue Rocky Plains and was subsequently released by NASA.

The image above has sparked speculation that it could be a Martian sanctuary or a gateway to a completely different universe.

However, many pointed to a natural cut that was partially ruptured by the pressure of the rock, possibly due to earthquakes on Mars. In fact, the earthquake was recorded on the planet on April 5, and scientists are studying the exact location and cause of the earthquake.

Also, our imaginary door frame may actually be only a few centimeters tall, although it’s hard to tell from the photos.

Mars is rich in oxygen, “challenging the concept of existence”

When we detect images that look like “alien” structures, it’s important that we don’t extrapolate too much from unclear images, experts say.

“It’s a very strange image. But in short, it looks like natural erosion,” Live Science quoted British geologist Neil Hodgkins, who has studied Mars geology, as saying.

Last year, China’s Ngoc Tho 2 probe found a strange cubic structure on the moon. After further investigation, experts determined that the “alien tent”-like structure was actually just a rock.

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