There’s a hidden iPhone feature that helps you fall asleep easier

While there are already plenty of apps that can play white noise, did you know that something like this is built right into your iPhone?

To enable it, you need an iPhone running iOS 15 or later.

Start by opening Settings, scroll down until you find Accessibility and tap it.

You have to scroll down a bit before you see the Audio/Visual options. Click and you will see the background sound and turn it on so you can hear the default rain sound.

You can select “Sound” to switch to the type of sound you want to hear, which will remind your iPhone to download it on demand. You can also adjust volume – independent of iPhone’s ringtone and music volume.

There’s also an option here to keep background audio playing even if you’re watching a video or listening to music — and finally there’s a button to stop background sound playing as soon as your iPhone locks.

Is there an easier way than the above process to access and manage background audio?

Yes – you can open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen and tapping the icon with an ear.

If the icon isn’t available in Control Center, you’ll need to add it manually by going to Settings > Control Center and tapping the green “+” icon next to the Hearing icon.