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U.S. and ASEAN agree to raise level of relationship

Addressing regional challenges through dialogue and cooperation

Speaking at the event, President Biden affirmed his importance and desire to elevate ASEAN’s relationship with the United States, and pledged to support ASEAN’s central role and ASEAN’s Views on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP). The U.S. president announced a package aimed at attracting billions of dollars from the private sector for collaborative projects in areas such as trade and investment exchanges, stabilizing supply chains, and improving healthcare capabilities.

U.S. and ASEAN agree to raise level of relationship - Figure 1

The President of the United States took a group photo with the leaders of ASEAN countries


ASEAN leaders agreed that over the past 45 years, ASEAN-US relations have flourished, overcoming many challenges together, and achieving many important results in cooperation in various fields from politics to politics. Governance-Security, Economic and Trade, Culture-Social and Development Cooperation. Both ASEAN and the United States affirmed the importance of each other’s roles and the importance of the ASEAN-US partnership to regional and world peace, security, cooperation, and prosperity.

The leaders of ASEAN countries highly appreciate and expect the US to continue to actively carry out constructive cooperation with ASEAN, promote dialogue and cooperation, and work together to effectively address regional challenges. ASEAN also hopes that in addition to economy and trade, the two sides will expand cooperation in many new areas such as green economy, circular economy, digital transformation, sustainable energy transformation, and addressing environmental issues. Pandemics, climate change and other challenges.

ASEAN and U.S. leaders agreed to support the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership and expressed their hope that the relationship would develop in a substantive, effective and mutually beneficial manner.

Peace and stability must come first

Premier Fan Mingqing shared here and spoke highly of the significance of the meeting, which clearly demonstrated the commitment of both sides to move towards peace, stability and common prosperity. Looking back over the past 45 years, the United States, the world’s largest power, and ASEAN, the region with the most active economic development, have carried out very active cooperation in the spirit of respecting the law and ASEAN’s centrality, jointly building a foundation of trust, building an open, transparent, inclusive, and sustainable economy. Regional structures based on international law. At the same time, economic, trade and investment cooperation has flourished and has become a bond of people-to-people bonds. With these achievements, the Prime Minister is sure that now is the right time for ASEAN and the United States to discuss new and better development milestones.

Vietnam proposes to maintain U.S.-ASEAN parliamentary dialogue

During an earlier meeting between ASEAN leaders and U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Prime Minister Van Minchin said it was necessary to establish regular engagement through engagement between the UN General Assembly and the UN General Assembly as soon as possible. The Institute (AIPA) strengthens trust with the U.S. Congress and maintains a sincere dialogue and cooperation on all issues.

The Prime Minister also emphasized that the two sides should focus on cooperation programs to achieve inclusive, equitable and sustainable development and create conditions for the common development of future generations, and expressed the hope that the United States and ASEAN will cooperate in efforts to narrow the development gap in the ASEAN region, especially the inclusion of remote and remote areas such as the Mekong River. The common development of the country and the entire region.

When sharing the direction of bilateral relations, Premier Fan Mingqing emphasized that maintaining peace and stability must be regarded as the primary concern of ASEAN and the United States. The Prime Minister expects that the United States will always support ASEAN in playing a central role in the process of the Asia-Pacific region; jointly promote the establishment of a new direction of cooperation framework with ASEAN as the chairman, and create a balanced and harmonious environment in the region; conduct sincere dialogue with ASEAN on the basis of trust and responsibility, and support On the basis of peaceful measures, differences and differences are resolved in accordance with international law, the UN Charter and treaties of friendship and friendship. Cooperation in Southeast Asia.

Emphasizing the need to restore trade and investment flows and create momentum for the next stage, Prime Minister Pham Minh Thanh reiterated that Vietnam will take the best measures to support U.S. investors and businesses, rapidly expand business in the Vietnamese market, and connect potential ASEAN markets.

The Prime Minister also suggested that the United States use its experience and resources to support ASEAN in accelerating comprehensive and sustainable recovery efforts in green and sustainable development, economic restructuring, technology application, digital transformation, renewable energy development, and a friendly environment. ASEAN also looks to the United States to promote cooperation initiatives within the framework of the U.S.-Mekong Partnership.

Facing the complex impacts and consequences of non-traditional challenges, Premier Fan Mingqing emphasized the need to develop a global approach to global problems. ASEAN countries look forward to continued cooperation and support from the United States to strengthen and improve health care capabilities, share experiences, transfer vaccine production technologies, and effectively address other challenges such as environmental degradation and climate change.

The Prime Minister expressed optimism about the strong breakthrough in ASEAN-US strategic relations and affirmed that Vietnam will make positive contributions to enhancing the peace, stability, cooperation and development of ASEAN-US relations, while also promoting the sustainable development of ASEAN countries and the US. as region and world.

PM Fan Minchin meets with President Joe Biden


Also yesterday, Prime Minister Van Minchin met with US President Joe Biden at the White House. The Prime Minister and President Joe Biden discussed Vietnam’s bilateral relations with the United States, as well as regional and international issues.

The Prime Minister commented that the Vietnam-US relationship is a special one. Overcoming the painful past of war, the two countries have worked hand in hand to promote the increasingly substantive and effective development of comprehensive partnership in various fields. Vietnam hopes that the United States will continue to support, help and cooperate in areas where the United States has advantages and Vietnam has potential and needs, such as disease prevention, digital transformation, supply chain diversification, combating climate change, and human resource training. The prime minister hopes that the United States will strengthen cooperation and support Vietnam in developing a green economy, circular economy, diversified supply chain and transition to sustainable energy.

When discussing regional and international issues of mutual concern, President Biden and Premier Fan Mingqing agreed to respect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political system of nations, refrain from the use of force, and resolve disputes and conflicts peacefully. International law and the UN Charter; ensuring freedom of navigation and overflight in accordance with the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).