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US to spend $45 billion on high-speed internet

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is overseeing the allocation of the budget, according to the Associated Press. Governors and other leaders are invited to begin the registration process on May 13. Raimondo believes broadband Internet access will be similar to the electrification of rural America in the 1930s, meaning the Internet is a necessary tool for Americans in today’s economy. Now.

US to spend $45 billion on high-speed internet - Photo 1
The US wants to make sure everyone in the country has access to high-speed internet by around 2028


“Over 30 million Americans don’t have the Internet. In this age without high-speed Internet, you can’t go to school, see a doctor, and do simple things. Think how many times you Google or surf the web in a day,” Raimondo said.

The funding is part of $65 billion for broadband internet, part of a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that Biden signed into law in November 2021. Former US President Donald Trump once ruled out spending on infrastructure, even though spending on broadband was one of his priorities. The U.S. Department of Agriculture under Trump said in 2020 that it had invested $744 million in rural internet connections, a figure that makes sense but still isn’t enough.

It is understood that each state in the United States will receive $5 million to negotiate with the public and plan its own high-speed Internet deployment, as each state’s Internet needs are different. The money can also be used to install fiber optic cables, build Wi-Fi hotspots, and even lower monthly fees where price is a major challenge.

The distribution of high-speed internet will also be affected by the FCC’s plan to release a new map detailing the lack of or underserved internet service for people. The governor and other leaders will then have six months to use the data to shape the final distribution. Eligible states and territories will receive guarantees of at least $100 million, according to preliminary estimates from the U.S. Department of Commerce.