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Vietnam does not choose sides, but chooses justice

The hardest time since the Cold War

In the spirit of upholding sincerity, trust and responsibility for a better world, the Prime Minister’s speech revolved around three main issues, including the world view of Vietnam today; the role of sincerity, trust and responsibility in a turbulent world and how to demonstrate sincerity, increase trust and responsibility.

At present, peace, cooperation and development are still the ardent aspirations of the people of the world, but the world is facing the “most difficult period” since the Cold War. “Few would have expected more than 6 million deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic; conflict in the heart of Europe…thereby increasing the risk of war and political instability, with many risks to the world economy. While competition and confrontation are leading to Political, security and economic separation,” the Prime Minister admitted. In addition, traditional and non-traditional security challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, resource depletion, energy security, water security, food security, human security, cyber security, etc. continue to develop in a complex manner, seriously affecting countries.

Vietnam does not choose sides, but chooses justice - Figure 1

Prime Minister speaks at Centre for Strategic and International Studies


The Prime Minister affirmed that peace, security and development are organically linked. The peace, security and development of a country have an impact on neighboring countries, regions and even the world. Therefore, the interests of each nation and nationality need to be coordinated and respect the legitimate and legitimate national and national interests of other countries. “No country, no matter how large and rich, can solve all problems, especially global problems, and it requires the cooperation of other countries, the international community and the people of the world.” The Prime Minister emphasized that international cooperation is to jointly maintain peace and promote the development of all countries. and the inevitable trend of friendship. Among them, sincerity, trust and responsibility play a particularly important role in solving the problems facing the world today.

Strengthen trust, strengthen dialogue

Lack of sincerity, trust and sense of responsibility is one of the causes of tension and conflict in many regions, and a serious obstacle to bilateral cooperation among countries and cooperation to address regional and global challenges.

“Therefore, more than ever, we need to strengthen sincerity and trust among countries. We want to promote dialogue, increase mutual understanding, and contribute to resolving differences and conflicts among countries. Dialogue and equality and mutually beneficial cooperation are carried out on the basis of mutual respect. It is one of the most effective ways to solve problems between nations and build a better world.” On a common basis of sincerity, trust, confidence and responsibility, ASEAN has been working to affirm its central role in the evolving regional architecture, ASEAN is Continue to strengthen the network of strategic partnerships with most key partners, including the United States.

“Those who are interested in Vietnam can ask me, how does Vietnam show its sense of responsibility in regional and international issues”, the Prime Minister questioned the sincerity of cooperation with the national, regional and international community, strengthened trust, and strengthened responsibility and made three points Vietnamese opinion.

One is to adhere to the foreign policy of independence, peace and friendship, and cooperative development; to be a good friend and reliable partner of all countries in the world, and a responsible member of the international community.

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Prime Minister discusses with experts

Second, between independence and dependence, Vietnam always chooses independence in the spirit of “nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”; between negotiation and confrontation, choose negotiation; between dialogue and conflict, choose dialogue; peace and war The choice is peace; between cooperation and competition, if Vietnam chooses cooperation and competition, it must be healthy, equal, and respect each other’s legitimate rights and interests. “Vietnam does not choose sides, but chooses justice, fairness, justice and justice in accordance with the principles of international law and the UN Charter; equality, mutual benefit and win-win results,” the prime minister said.

Third, Vietnam is willing to handle differences and differences through dialogue and cooperation, ensure harmony of interests, and properly address the concerns of partners, countries and the international community. embody this spirit. “As a country that has experienced many ups and downs and understands the defeat of many wars for independence, freedom and national unity, Vietnam is a peace-loving country willing to contribute to reconciliation between nations. Vietnam is the United States and North Korea On the Ukraine issue, where the second meeting was held, Vietnam supports and is willing to participate in the efforts and initiatives of the international community to create favorable conditions for all parties and seek long-term and sustainable solutions through dialogue. Vietnam’s consistent position is to respect the UN The Charter and the principles of international law, respect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimate and legitimate interests of States; resolve all disputes by peaceful means,” the Prime Minister said.

Vietnam-US relations are about to reach a new level

Likewise, with the United States, the Vietnamese Prime Minister reiterated that Vietnam always hopes to strengthen cooperation on the basis of sincerity, continue to strengthen trust, strengthen the responsibility of both sides, and serve the common interests of the people. two countries, for peace, cooperation and development of the region and the world.

The prime minister expressed satisfaction because “Vietnam and the United States have made great strides in demonstrating mutual sincerity and building trust”. “Building on the relationship built over the past three decades, we need to be sincere, trustworthy, respectful and continue to take responsibility for overcoming the consequences of the war in order to heal the wounds of the Vietnamese people. To nurture the partnership for the further development of the two peoples in the future, and their potential It is commensurate with the aspirations and interests of the two peoples and contributes to peace and stability in the region and the world. Both sides confirmed during General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to the United States in 2015,” the Prime Minister shared.

The Prime Minister said that as the United States sets its sights on the Indo-Pacific region, and Vietnam is accelerating the realization of its ambitious development goals, there are new opportunities for the development of bilateral relations. In-depth development, especially in economy, trade, investment, science and technology, digital transformation, high-quality human resource training, climate change, anti-epidemic, people-to-people exchanges… and solving international and regional issues.

The Prime Minister said that in addition to the traditional areas of cooperation, the two sides also need to work towards future areas of cooperation, especially the three areas of green growth; technological innovation, digital transformation and supply chain diversification. “These are all areas in which the United States has the world’s leading strength. At the same time, the United States is also the world’s largest economy, with a large, rich and diversified market, which has laid a good foundation for the diversification of supply chains on a global scale. The combination of strength, dynamism and initiative in these important fields, and actively integrating into Vietnam’s economy more and more deeply, will open up huge opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. In the future,” the Prime Minister said that he did not forget to reiterate: sincerity, trust and responsibility will be the guiding, A key factor that promotes and brings significant value to both countries. Vietnam-US comprehensive partnership has reached new heights.