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What Are Examples Of Advanced Technologies In A Civilization?

Since the beginning of civilization.

The Invention of Paper is from Egypt and The Invention of Silk is from China.

Which Resources Could Be Used In Future With Advancement In Technology?

In the future, non renewable resources can be used.

What Is The Technological Contribution Of Ancient Times?

The compass, gunpowder, papermaking, and printing were some of the most important technological advances in China. The Chinese made many first-known discoveries.

What Are The 7 Resources?

Every technological system uses seven types of resources: people, information, materials, tools, machines, energy, capital and time. There is a limited amount of resources on the earth.

Why Do We Need Material Resources For Civilization?

Material resources will always be required to sustain civilization.

How Did Technology Develop In The Ancient World?

Military technology was developed in phases. In the first phase, infantry came with helmets, bows, spears, shields, and swords.

What Did Early Civilizations Have In Common With Each Other?

Religion was a system of beliefs and behaviors that dealt with the meaning of existence. People who did not know each other were able to build mutual trust and respect because they shared the same beliefs and practices.

Why Was Agriculture Important To The Rise Of Civilization?

They were given enough time to experiment with cultivating seeds and breeding animals without the risk of starving. Populations increased and settlements grew larger as food was grown and stored more efficiently.