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What Areas Of Virginia Have Shown Growth Due Computer Technology?

Northern Virginia and the Tidewater region have grown due to computer technology. People from all over the world have moved to Virginia.

What Caused Virginia Cities To Grow?

Virginia’s cities grew because of transportation improvements. streetcars moved people quickly from home to work, while improved roads and railroads brought lots of goods and raw materials to the city.

What Are Three Reasons Virginia’s Cities Began To Grow After World War II?

Reconstructionism after the civil war.

What Industry Spurred The Growth Of Towns And Cities In Southwest Virginia?

The history of the VA.

What Are Three Examples Of Products And Industries Important To Virginia’s Economy?

2. There are many industries and products in Virginia. Banking and lending, computer programming, food products, and shipbuilding are some of the top industries in Virginia.

What Changes Occurred In Virginia As A Result Of The Civil Rights Movement?

More African Americans and women were appointed to positions in state government by the governor of Virginia. Virginia was the first African American to be elected a state governor.

Why Did Virginians Leave Virginia?

After the American Revolution, large numbers of Virginians moved west to find better farmland and new opportunities. Tobacco farming was hard on the soil, so many farmers looked west and south for new land.

Which Province Is Largest Producer Of Coal In Virginia?

West Virginia is the largest coal- producing state in the region and the second largest in the United States.

What Region Is Mostly Rolling Hills?

Virginia Piedmont.

The Virginia Piedmont is characterized by rolling hills and ridges.

What Drives Virginia’s Economy?

The economy of Virginia is as diverse as the shipbuilding on the southern shore, the farming and tobacco-growing of rural areas, seafood harvesting along the Atlantic coast and the apple-growing capital of Winchester.

What Is Virginia’s Biggest Export?

Chemicals were the state’s largest manufacturing export category, accounting for over $2 billion of Virginia’s total goods exports.

What Were The Effects Of The Civil Rights Movement?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 led to greater social and economic mobility for African-Americans, as well as greater access to resources for women, religious minorities, and low-income families.