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What Determines How Computers On A Network Are Connected Together?

A computer needs a network interface card to connect to the internet. A network cable plugged into the NIC on one end can allow a computer to access the internet and connect to other computers.

Which Devices Have The Ability To Accept Process And Transmit The Data Over A Network?

A device that receives and analyzes packets then routes them to their destination. In some cases, a routers will send a packet to another routers, in other cases it will send it directly to the destination.

What Is The Name Used To Identify The Device Responsible For Sending Data To Another Network?

The message source uses a transmitter to transmit data. The message destination uses a receiver to recover data.

What Type Of Bandwidth Used To Connect Individual Computers That Are Located Close To One Another?

Baseband is used to connect computers that are close to each other. At a time, it can only carry one signal.

What Are The Different Types Of Network Devices?

There are network devices.


What Are The Significance Of Network Devices?

Network devices are the things that are needed to build a network. Network devices include hubs, switches, and wireless access points. The devices have to be configured and updated.

How Do Devices Communicate With Each Other?

Every computer has a public and static internet protocol address. There is a private internet address for your computer. The address is assigned by the internet service provider. Your computer can communicate with other computers on the same network if they are connected with anEthernet switch.

How Are Devices Identified On The Same Network?

Computers on the same network would have the same first few numbers. This is used to find a network. Different devices on the same network are identified by their last few numbers. This is used to find individual devices.

What Is A Network Protocol And How Does It Work?

What is a network protocol? A network protocol is a set of rules that determine how data is transmitted. It allows connected devices to communicate with each other regardless of their internal processes or design.

How Is The IP Address Of A Device Determined?

A unique number called an Internet Protocol Address is assigned to all computers and devices. The exact location of a computer or device is determined by its internet protocol address. The internet address of the device would depend on where it was connected to.

What Kind Of Protocol Is Fiber Distributed Data Interface?

FDI is a network protocol that is used to connect two or more local area networks. token-passing is a method used for access. The dual ring physical topology is used by the FDDI.