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What Did Bulgaria Create?

Jordaphone was the predecessor of the modern answering machine. Planes have a frozen gasoline system. The reverse thrust device is used in jet engines. The world’s first purpose-built air-to-surface bomb was invented in 1912.

What Is The Main Religion In Bulgaria?

The law exempts the BOC from registration because the constitution recognizes Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the country’s “traditional” religion.

Is Bulgaria A Bad Country?

Bulgaria was ranked as the most corrupt country in the European Union.

Who Was The First Person To Create A Computer?

The ABC was created with the help of one of his students.

When Did Alan Turing Create The First Computer?

Alan Turing’s seminal work on the Turing machines, an abstract digital computing machine, was published in 1936. The stored program concept is what most modern day computers use, and it was invented by this machine.

When Did Charles Babbage Create The First Computer?

Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine was the first design for a computer. The analytical engine was able to interpret a programming language with loops and branching.

When Did John Vincent Atanasoff Invent The Computer?

The ABC computer was the first electronic digital computing device. It was designed to solve up to 29 linear equations.