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What Does It Mean To Be Annihilated?

Relating to something. To do away with everything so that nothing remains. The city was destroyed by Bombs. The troops were destroyed.

What Does All But Annihilated Mean?

The approaching tornado was annihilating everything in it’s path.

What Does Annihilator Mean?

A person or thing that completely destroys a place. This would change the role of man on the Earth from guardian of nature to the biggest annihilator of nature. The person said, ”

What Is A Synonym For Annihilation?

There are 27 words and antonyms on this page that are related to the word annihilation.

What Is Annihilate Sentence?

To destroy. There are examples of Annihilate. 2. Our soldiers will destroy the enemy during the war.

Is Annihilator A Real Word?

This shows the grade level for a word. Someone or something that is destroyed.

How Do I Spell Annihilator?

Correct spelling of the English word isannihilator.

What Is The Opposite Of A Paradox?

There is a contradiction. Antonyms are the following: proposition, axiom, postulate and precept. Synonyms include contradiction, mystery, absurdity, and ambiguity.

How Do You Use Obliterate?

Aliterate sentence example.

She tried to destroy their tracks by dragging her hand in a line. spirit worship can’t completely destroy the idea of God. /li>li>11, C, tending in fact to destroy the lumen.