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What Does Toshiba Stand For?

Tokyo Denki and Shibaura Engineering Works are part of the full form.

What Does VDU Mean?

A display unit.

A VDU is a machine that displays information on a computer screen. The visual display unit is called VDU.

What Is The Purpose Of VDU?

VDU is a computing device that allows for input from a user and output from a display like a computer monitor. A VDU has a display device and keyboard.

What Is Toshiba Best Known For?

Although it’s best known in America for its computer–related and consumer products, it has a wide range of other ventures. The production of advanced medical electronic equipment is done by Toshiba.

What Is Another Name Of VDU?

A VDU is a display unit that displays images. The term VDU is often used synonymously with a monitor, but can also refer to a digital projector.

What Is VDU Example?

VDU is an older British term used to describe any device used to display text and images on a computer. A projector and a flat panel display are examples of VDUs. A VDU has a display device and keyboard.

What Is BIOS In Simple Words?

The basic input/output system is called theBIOS and is used to start the computer system after it has been powered on. Data flow between the OS and attached devices is managed by it.

What Is An Acronym For Computer?

The computer abbreviation is mostly used. There is a list of most used abbreviation. A digital conversion device. Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber line. Artificial intelligence. ALU is a unit of logic. The application programming interface is called the API.

What Does Stand Mean In Computer?

A computer stand is a small table or cart that is used to hold a computer. There is a smaller space to use a computer on stands.

What Is The Abbreviation For Personal Computer?

The term personal computer is used for desktop computers. It’s often shortened to the acronym PC, which means “personal computer”.

What Is The Abbreviation For Computer Science?

The Bachelor of Computer Science or the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is required for this degree. A bachelor’s degree in computer science can be awarded after three or four years of collegiate study, but may be awarded in less time.